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Drawing a Paper Shoot Camera by Hand Red camera has just the right amount of being bold, fun, and young. This camera looks a bit like getting sucked into a video game and having to beat all the levels before you can leave. The only difference is that when you beat the final boss, you don’t get 10 lives. Instead, you get an unlimited number of photos and a camera that everyone will want to know more about.
Taking pictures with your expensive phone puts you at risk of having it stolen. Thieves look for cash and valuables in a lot of the best places for tourists to go. Who wants to remember the day they went to the Colosseum as the day their phone was stolen? This happens more often than you might think. About 10,000 phones are stolen every year in central London, where so many top sites are. Keep that expensive phone safe and use a digital phone to take pictures on your trip. Your memories are very important to you, but a thief wouldn’t want them.

Taking photos on your trip with your expensive and heat-sensitive phone is not the best idea. Putting your phone away while you’re on vacation also gives you a break from emails and notifications. Make it a real vacation by putting your life at home on hold so you can be fully present on your trip.