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Dual USB-A connectors at the front centre console of the Tesla Model 3’s Light & Fit Design make it easier to locate USB ports and other items at night.
one-of-a-kind smart sensor LED design
3-Mode Lighting On/Off/Auto is a variable. automatically turns on the light when the front console is opened.
Dynamic Power Management
All connected devices will automatically get the available power from your Tesla USB. ensuring that the charge is dynamically changed and optimised for all connected devices.
Tesla DashCam & Sentry Mode Reader Built-in
Up to 2TB storage is supported, and the Tesla touchscreen may be used to view recorded DashCam movies or sentry mode events.
Earlier USB Hub had Additional Options
Supports up to 18W PD 3.0 power supply and is perfectly compatible with Jowua wireless chargers or Type-C connectors (Dual USB-A ver.). DashCam and Sentry Mode storage, music, a Boombox, a gaming controller, and other USB device charging are supported by additional USB ports.
Tesla DashCam & Sentry mode reader built-in. Basically, it supports up to 2TB of storage, and its unique voltage stabilisation method may provide long-term power stability.
15W EPP wireless charging upgrade
compatible with all Model 3 and Model Y Tesla vehicles
However, Detachable USB-C and USB-A cables should be provided for optimal compatibility.
Jowua Multiple Charging Methods
Also, it is capable of charging phones either vertically or horizontally. Moreover, it supports charging for AirPods Pro, AirPods 3, and AirPods 2.
Thanks to Magsafe Charging for the iPhone 12 and 13 Compatible
Perfect fit for the most recent wireless iPhone 12 and 13 series models.