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Minimal False Alarms

No more unnecessary panic. We raise an alert only when we are 100% sure of a WordPress virus on your website.

Manage Plugins, Themes & Users

Centrally update all Plugins, Themes, and WordPress Core to effortlessly manage multiple WordPress websites.i

Tracks Smallest File Changes

Changes in every File, Table, Comment, Page and Plugins are automatically tracked so you save hours of debugging.

Real-time Email Alerts

We will be your sidekick. Get notified via email when something needs your attention.

White-label To Growth

Re-brand the WordPress plugin or hide it completely from your website. Be the only face customers know. We’ll handle the rest.

One Minute Auto-Install

Literally takes less than 60 seconds to set up, get ready and protect your WordPress website from malware and hackers.

Go Beyond Signature Matching

We use 100+ Intelligent Signals & go beyond signature matching to detect even the most complex WordPress malware & virus.

Team Play Is Fun

Work closely with your Team and Clients for a faster WordPress site Management.w

24/7 Support

We are with you every step of the way. We aren’t saying it, our customers are.